Regis Philbin said: 

It’s almost seems as though there’s a battle going on between the public and all the fast-food establishments, and, believe me, I think it’s very tasty food.

Nowadays, our generation prefers eating “Fast Food” rather than eating “Healthy” or “Green” food.


Why is that?

Fast food contain a high amount of trans fats, sugar and sodium. No one can resist the beautiful deep fried taste of french fries, chicken nuggets, or fish sticks. It’s like the secret recipe to every delicious food, is to have it deep fried.


However, the real reason why we eat fast food is because of the following reasons:

1) It’s cheap: Teenagers nowadays won’t go for fine dining or one of the highest rated five star restaurants in the state. Instead, they will go to the better alternative that will meet both their allowance and taste needs.

2) It’s convenient: This particular kind of food is called “Fast Food” for the simple reason of being prepared quickly. An employee, student or ordinary individual in a hurry won’t order a plate of medium rare steak or seasoned fish just for the simple reason of it not being arranged as quickly as they want. Instead, they order food that might take as little as 2 minutes time to be prepared rather than an hour.

3) It’s tasty: Despite all the constant rants we hear about fast food being unhealthy and the main source to obesity we still prefer to ear it due to its irresistibly savory taste that most people prefer to eat rather than a bowl of salad.


There’s something you’ve really never thought of… what is truly going in your body once you eat fast food? 


To answer concisely I will state a study made on the typical McDonalds fries and burger:

A McDonalds fries and burgers were placed in one jar and a home made version of fries and burgers were placed in the other. The experiment was made over 4 months and it was shown that the home made burgers and fries rot over the months and accumulated mold on them while the McDonalds fries and burgers remained looking the same way they looked four months ago (colour and appearance wise). This shows that external chemicals are injected in the fast food we eat.

In conclusion, no person can stop themselves from eating fast food but we can always minimize it as much as we can.


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