What does every person need in this world other than having everything they want all in one device?

Things like:

  1. Being in contact with all your friends and family just by a simple touch of a button.
  2. Having access to all kinds of social media on a small surface(i.e facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube…etc.)
  3. Making quick calls.
  4. Sending long messages.
  5. Taking pictures and videos of your unforgettable moments
  6. Playing your favourite games.
  7. Getting reminders on your most important events or celebrations (i.e. reminder about your best friend’s birthday).
  8. Jotting down quick notes when necessary.
  9. Access to differently catogorized applications (news, online shopping, photography…etc.).



The Samsung Mobile has all you need at your fingertips!

Samsung touch mobiles first became popular when the Samsung SII first was released in May 2011, having a display -at the time- like no other seen before.

Samsung has become quickly popular with its S family (Samsung S5 being released at the beginning of the year) and Note family (Samsung Note 4 being recently released a couple of months ago). Some individuals preferred “leaving behind” the ordinary Apple touch phones and going for the Samsung which noticeably showed that it included more features and a one of a kind design.


Samsung Note 4








Samsung Galaxy S5








The Samsung campaign is ongoing and continues to evolve over the years. We notice that Samsung has an exclusive Social Media Channel to maximize its interactions with customers all over the world. From these Social Media Channels people from around the world have the opportunity to be updated with the latest Samsung news, releases, updates, awards, perks, tips and tricks, and many more information. People can be always up to date by following, liking or staying connected to the following social media accounts made by the Samsung company:

  1. Facebook (Samsung USA, Samsung Support, Sumsung Mobile, Samsung Camera USA, Samsung TV USA, SPSN USA, Samsung Home Appliances,)
  2. Twitter ( SamsungTweets, Samsung Support, SamsungSPSN, SamsungMobileUS, SamsunBizUSA, SamsungSemiUS, SamsungAustin)
  3. Flickr (Samsung USA, Samsung Mobile)
  4. Youtube (Samsung USA Tube, Samsung Mobile USA)
  5. Google + (Samsung USA, Samsung Support USA, Samsung Mobile USA)
  6. Pinterest (Samsung Home, Samsung Mobile US)

Social Media Logotype Background

We notice development and a larger fan base when it comes to the Samsung Mobiles. However, this Social Media campaign is missing some improvements like having a wider range of connection to other social media websites:

  1. Nowadays a very popular social media known as “Instagram” is widely used by many people around the world. No Instagram link or name is available on the Samsung website which shows that no name is present.
  2. Blogging websites: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Quora…etc.
  3. Linkedin
  4. Vimeo



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