Where will your next hang out with your favourite group of friends be?

You fall into a dilemma whether its best to have lunch at Crepaway or KFC; have coffee at Second Cup or Tim Hortons; or to go to watch a movie at VOX Cinemas or Grand Cinemas.

We all want what meets our highest expectations and needs no matter what.

We want to have fun and enjoy our time at the best places possible: eating the best food, watching the best movie, and enjoy playing in the best arcade.


Wherever you are in the world you have the opportunity to be informed of all the places you want to visit and in the process getting to know new ones.

Experience more with foursquare!

Definition: Foursquare helps you find the perfect places to go with friends. Discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area.


Foursquare is available on Android and IOS. So you are able to access it wherever you are at any time!


Steps when looking for something in specific on foursquare:

    1. Enter http://www.foursquare.com website
    2. Choose the country you are residing at or another country you would like to know certain places about.
    3. Specify the name of the place you would like to visit.
    4. You have the chance to view the total visits, total visitors, the directions, and whether you can reserve or not.
    5. You can specify where you like the place or not by presses the heart button or the broken heart button.
    6. You have the chance to share the place
    7. Add photos of the places you’ve visited before under their corresponding titles.
    8. Share your reviews in a comment.



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