The Coca-Cola Company has recently put on their website a whole document explaining the social media policies that seemed to be quite new to me in many aspects.

The vision of the Coca-Cola Company to create sustainable growth is according to some values as stated on their website:

  1. Leadership
  2. Integrity
  3. Collaboration
  4. Accountability
  5. Passion
  6. Diversity
  7. Quality

These values are stated to show their dedication to their product that they’re producing in terms of quality, doing things right, developing, and commitment. For customers and companies reading these values they will instantly recognize the companies visions, missions and their perspective of the product they are producing.

The Five Core Values of the Company in the Online Social Media Community:
  1. Transparency: Showing the readers online vividly which pages are controlled by the company and avoid any manipulating acts.
  2. Protection: Mentioning how they store, use, and collect.
  3. Respect: of trademark, copyrights, rights of publicity, and other third party rights on the online social media space.
  4. Responsibility: of the use of technology
  5. Utilization: of best practices from all domains and insure the social media policies remain current and up-to-date.
In addition to all that was said, there are many other policies related to their Expectations for Associates’ Personal Behavior in Online Social Media and their expectations for online spokespeople. These policies highlight the adherence to the code of business conduct and other policies, refraining from tarnishing the companies image in any way. The company has access to online accounts and posts being posted constantly, so any negative comment or picture you post can be easily viewed by the company, and making yourself as part of the company in a certain position can possibly cause conflicts or problems from the users. The internet isn’t a safe environment, so you are always watched.
All policies also highlight how we have to be a good asset and a main one to the company by following the rules and spreading the good word concerning the company. Anything posted by an individual should be revised before posting whether its misleading or manipulative because every word is watched .
With that being said, all the policies concerning social media are present in this link:
Some social media policies seemed quite surprising to me because the company is as careful as making sure there aren’t any signs of plagiarism, or a slight copying of their product in any way (trademark…), and making sure they don’t violate anyone’s rights or take credit for anyone’s work.
All in all, the take away from the social media policies of the Coca-Cola Company could be that everything on the internet is permanent so if we are doubtful of a post, believe we are violated rights, or tarnishing the image of ANY company then we should refrain from posting because even when you delete the post. there is still a record of everything deleted. Everything on the internet is permanent.

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